What People Are Saying About “That Memory Guy”

(Feedback from Dr. Beckwith’s Speeches and Workshops)

“Dr. Beckwith has a knack for making everyone feel comfortable … [He] is indeed a wonderful presenter in his seminars as is attested to by the rave reviews he receives from students, adults, [and] retired people who appreciate learning. He instills an attitude of wanting to learn more.”

—Fay R. Biles, Ph.D.

Former Vice President, Kent State University

Coordinator, Renaissance Academy of Marco Island, FL

“Magnificent — Wunderbar! My experience as an adult educator makes me extremely appreciative of this presentation.”

— Cherie Pierce,

Adult Educator, Sanibel, FL

“Dr. Beckwith works so well with the audience during his presentation.”

— Patrick Hare,

Naples, FL

“Dr. Beckwith is a good speaker who has a wide, deep knowledge of the topic.”

— Sarah Swords,

Social Worker

“[Dr. Beckwith] was great! He knew the subject and is a good speaker.”

— Mike Holmes,

Cross Country Seminars

“I was most impressed with Dr. Beckwith. Ihope he teaches other classes.”

— Louise Locker,


“The depth and breadth of your experiences was evident throughout your presentation. Your experience enabled you to deftly engage a goup of students who are often difficult to actively involve in classroom learning. The structure of your presentation was easy to follow, and was well geared to senior level students.”

— Karen Mock,

Assistant Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University

Dr. Beckwith “has a wonderful command of the subject matter. His explanations were quick and clever.”

— Vic Dozno,

Sanibel, FL

“The presenter made difficult information easy to understand.”

— Joyce Walker,

Retired Counselor

“Dr. Beckwith’s seminar has been one of the most helpful and pleasurable that I have attended in my twenty years of practice.”

— Petra Diaz, PhD

Cross Country Seminars

“Optimistic, practical ways to improve memory.”

— Paul Smith,

Bonita Springs, FL

“[Dr. Beckwith’s presentation] continues to draw crowds at the Naples Center.”

— Joanne Fowler,

Coordinator, Renaissance Academy of Naples, FL