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I received a recent e-mail that asked me to stop putting “such doom & gloom out there.”  I was surprised that my views are perceived as “doom and gloom.”   The writer of the e-mail states “The research is out there that you can cure all of it by diet!”  If  only it were that simple. Alzheimer’s disease is not caused by faulty diet.  Indeed, no one really knows what causes Alzheimer’s disease.  Eating more healthy foods and portion control are a part of any good wellness plan.  The best current advice from research of Alzheimer’s disease is to focus on fruits, vegetables, and fish.  But eating such a diet will not cure all of our ills.  There is no simple solution.  There is no magic supplement or food.  And isn’t it a form of blaming the victim to be so simplistic? The […]


I am a very practical person.   The realities of everyday life and the needs of my forgetful clients keep my focus on short-term memory.    Short-term memory is the ability to learn new information and works by the One Minute Rule (entries in the calendar, Post-It notes, alarms, taking notes).  It is not like a muscle.  You can’t exercise it to make it better.  Short-term memory is essential to any program of memory improvement or maintenance.  Managing short-term memory is necessary but not sufficient for treating Alzheimer’s disease. But memory is much richer than just short-term memory.  Whereas short-term memory adds more threads and details to the tapestry of memory, long-term memory is the evolving tapestry of color, dimension, and passion that adds quality to life – even for those who are forgetful. Long-term memory does work like a muscle.  The […]

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