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There are multiple memory systems in the brain. Each has its own organization and structure as well as unique role in our adaptively managing the world about us. I most often discuss short-term and long-term memory as these are so critical for our understanding of senior moments as well as common memory disorders. Short-term memory is the systems that allow new learning and is like the save command in a computer. Long-term memory is autobiographical information, knowledge, habits, sense of self and is like the hard drive of a computer. Working memory is the memory system that manages the complex inputs we are constantly bombarded with from within (thoughts, feelings) and without. It consists of awareness, near awareness, and rapid decision-making. It is constantly juggling multiple inputs and deciding what to attend to, what to process further, and what to […]


I was invited to participate in a panel discussion at Avow Hospice. The theme was “what are the three things that you want all of your clients to know.” This is an interesting challenge for two reasons. First, each panel member has only ten minutes to make their point, Second, as I have recently turned 70 and am rapidly approaching retirement, what do I need to know for myself as I am not immune to the complex cognitive and physical changes that accompany both normal, true senior moments, and abnormal aging, memory and physical loss. 1. We do not yet know what causes Alzheimer’s disease. A recent issue of the ARRP newsletter states that the problem is a lack of research funding. But the issue is more complex. Where do we put the money? Amyloid treatments are a bust despite […]

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