Managing Your Memory - Book

Managing Your Memory

Practical Solutions for Forgetting (revised edition)
By Bill E. Beckwith, Ph.D.

208 pages, softcover book, 6×9

ISBN 0-9748379-1-1

Noted memory expert, Dr. Bill Beckwith, shares his years of experience with an intriguing overview of how your memory works, insights into what causes you to forget, and common sense advice on how you can improve your memory.

Managing Your Memory: Practical Solutions for Forgetting will help you answer the following questions:

  • What techniques work to better manage the efficiency of your memory?
  • What are 10 steps to take to improve remembering?
  • What are the benefits of life stories and life review?
  • What are 10 things that you can do to decrease forgetting?

For anyone who has experienced senior moments or has been overwhelmed by information, Dr. Beckwith outlines effective strategies for enhancing your memory. He clearly helps you distinguish between the effects of normal aging and memory loss. He focuses on ways you can improve your memory ranging from the effects of memory aids to medication, supplements, and foods to controlling emotions, and planning for your future…. All the things you can do to protect your memory and your lifestyle.

About the author: Dr. Beckwith and his wife Pamela founded the Life and Memory Center.  He has published numerous papers on memory as well as completed over 3,000 individual memory evaluations.  He is a weekly columnist for the Naples Daily News and lectures extensively about memory.  He has an office in Naples where he continues to specialize in evaluation and managment of memory.

About the book: “Managing Your Memory: Practical Solutions for Forgetting” is the updated and revised version of Dr. Beckwith’s popular book on memory. Stop trying to remember, start planning on how you will remember.  Noted memory expert, Dr. Bill Beckwith provides an intriguing and understandable overview of how memory works and how to manage your memory and your future.  He provides optimistic, immediately useful, and practical ways to improve memory.  This is a book for anyone of any age who wants to understand how memory works, how to improve memory, and how to protect their future memory.

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