Dr. Bill E. Beckwith

People refer to Bill as “That Memory Guy.”

“He is a very personable speaker who is informative and easy to listen to.”

“Bill presents useful information with great visuals.”

What Makes His Presentations So Memorable?

Dr. Bill E. Beckwith’s dynamic teaching methods are amazingly simple and immediately useful for individuals as well as for groups. He distills complicated information on the brain, memory, and aging into effective and easy to understand skills. He promotes actions that allow people to control their own destiny and keep the joy in their lives.

“Great topic, bring him back.”
“I feel more confident now about my memory and less alone.”

Dr. Beckwith’s Professional Experience

Bill has helped people of all ages take charge of their memory for more than 30 years. He draws on his extensive knowledge and skills as a clinician as well as a researcher. he gives you basic principles for improving your memory in everyday life whether you are working, in school, or retired. Don’t spend so much time tryhing to remember. Instead, let Bill help you create a plan for how you will remember. He is also the author of Managing Your Memory: Practical Solutions for Forgetting.

Educational And Teaching Background

Bill is a professional psychologist and speaker. He has his MA in experimental psychology and his Ph.D. in clinical psychology and was a university professor for 12 years where he helped hundreds of students successfully launch their professional careers. He earned many teaching awards for not only effective teaching, but also for his compassionate guidance. He developed a memory disorders clinic and a center for excellence in memory care and has completed over 3,000 memory evaluations.

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