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What makes us forget? There are a number of factors that make forgetting more likely.  The first step in improving memory is to plan for remembering.  Anticipate where there will be challenges and plan strategies to help.  Here are a few common problems and solutions. Problem:  Forgetting what someone tells us. Solution: Take notes.  Mark appointments in your calendar the instant you make them.  Place a note pad and pen by every phone.  Make a grocery list and don’t forget to take it with you.  Record important conversations on tape. Problem: Difficulty following characters in a novel or learning new facts. Solution: Inside the front cover of most books is a blank page.  Use the blank page to write the name, a couple of facts, and the page number for each character as they are introduced.  This extra effort will […]


Placement in a memory care or skilled nursing unit is a very difficult decision, one of the most stressful decisions I have ever seen anyone make. Most people suffering from a dementing condition are cared for at home by family members. However, there may come a time when a caregiver can no longer manage alone at home. The most typical causes for placement are behavioral problems (e.g., wandering, aggression, delusions, hallucinations), incontinence, refusal of personal care, or caregiver illness or stress. All of these reasons involve a crisis and are often made when emotional resources are drained. I have worked with many who see me early in the disease process and we develop a plan that we follow by monitoring and decision making over the course of several years. Care evolves as decline progresses from being able to manage on […]


What Practical Solutions for Improving Memory When Monday, April 12, 2010 8:00pm – All Ages Where FGCU Atrium Executive Center (map) 8695 College Parkway, Suite 1181 Fort Myers, FL, USA 33919 Other InfoPractical Solutions for Improving Memory with Dr. Bill Beckwith Do you ever feel like there’s something you’ve forgotten to do, but you can’t remember what it is for the life of you? Or, you see someone out in public whose face looks familiar but you can’t remember his/her name? Perhaps right in the middle of a conversation you are searching for a word…and it’s right on the tip of your tongue…but that’s as far as it goes? Then you need to join us for this half day workshop that will focus on sharpening those “remembering skills”. We know that positive interpersonal relationship skills are what makes us successful […]

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