Dr. Beckwith’s Memory Coaching Program

Now is the time to take action. We all want to successfully grow older and to remember as much as we can. Bill provides guidance and direction to help you control your destiny.

Follow his simple tips and you’ll find that aging is not a disease to be feared, but a journey of personal growth. With Bill’s help, you can travel to the end of the journey even if your memory doesn’t cooperate along the way.

Bill is considered by many to be “That Memory Guy.”

  • He has mentored people who want to do better in school.
  • He has coached people who want to do better managing senior moments.
  • He has trained people with mild memory loss.
  • He has helped many families develop plans for successful futures for relatives who have mild memory loss or an early diagnosis of a memory disorder.

If you have concerns about your memory or the memory of someone dear to you, give Bill a call.  If you want a guide to help with the journey through retirement and aging, call Bill.


Now is the time to act.

Your memory and mental operations are the best they will ever be.

We gain the greatest control over our journey of aging during our personal “middle ages.”